Maintaining Essential Infrastructure During COVID-19 Response

During this period of uncertainty regarding the nation’s response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, please be aware that Filanc will continue to perform construction, maintenance and repair of our essential water and wastewater infrastructure. Construction and maintenance of water and wastewater systems is a Critical Infrastructure Sector exempt from most state “stay at home” directives including California. We appreciate the support of the dedicated craftsmen, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers who are also continuing operations to help us keep our water and wastewater systems running safely.

We also recognize that agencies and municipalities providing essential services may be short-staffed and in need of emergency help. In the southern California area, Filanc has resources available to provide the help you need. If you have an urgent need for construction or repair support, please contact Bob Zaiser at (760) 466-0511,

Please stay safe, follow all recommended mitigation measures and rest assured that your water will continue to flow.


Mark E. Filanc

Chief Executive Officer