The Design-Build team of Filanc, Hazen, AdEdge, and the City of Lemoore broke ground last week!

On Thursday November 21, 2019 the Design-Build team consisting of Filanc, Hazen (Engineer of Record) and AdEdge (process designer and supplier) along with City employees celebrated the Groundbreaking of the new Water Treatment Plant for the City of Lemoore. This Progressive Design-Build project involves two separate wellhead treatment plants that will  improve the process of disinfecting the City’s water supply which currently contains a high-level of naturally-occurring total organic compound (TOC).

This has been a long-awaited project for the City of Lemoore and it is expected to be completed in just over a year. Norbert Schulz is serving as the Design-Build Project Manager with Mark Moreno as the Construction Manager and Esteban Arrona is the Lead Estimator and key part of the team! Together, with the rest of Filanc, Hazen, AdEdge and the City, the team worked feverishly to get the        guaranteed maximum price (GMP) finalized within 60 days.

At the Groundbreaking, Utilities Manager, John Souza, gave a moving speech regarding the project:

“This is my hometown…I stepped into a role, managing over the Sewer and Water Departments and I took it to heart to see if I could make a difference. This is life changing for the City of Lemoore and I’m very proud to be the Utilities Manager in this position. Please come out to the ribbon cutting ceremony—that’s the one I’m looking forward to!”

—City of Lemoore Utilities Manager, John Souza

Every team member involved in this project is excited to break ground and get this important project complete!