South Platte Water Renewal Partners Biogas Pipeline Injection Project hit it’s final milestone!

No tricks here; just treats! On the morning of Halloween our Colorado team celebrated the completion of the South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP) Biogas Pipeline Injection Construction Manager-General Contractor (CMGC) Project with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. This project is Colorado’s first Gas Recovery Facility and Pipeline Injection project. This project will be used exclusively by SPWRP to inject natural gas recovered from its wastewater treatment process, into Xcel Energy’s natural gas pipeline. This Gas Recovery Facility will reduce the local carbon footprint by 5,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, which is enough to drive 13.5 million miles in a single car. Before the construction of this project, SPWRP would burn the methane gas through a large flare.

As part of the ribbon cutting, SPWRP Director Pieter Van Ry did a countdown to the official switch-over from using the flare to injecting clean natural gas into the Xcel pipeline. Matt Crozier, Filanc Project Engineer closed the valve to the flare and it went out exactly when the countdown ended. The Filanc team of David Campbell, Rick Rieken, Andy Hunley, and Matt Crozier worked tirelessly to bring this industry changing project to completion.

“The Pipeline Injection Project is a unique approach in innovation that will benefit the environment, our customers, and our facility. We are beyond excited to share this pioneering accomplishment with our communities.”

—SPWRP Director, Pieter Van Ry