Project Delivery


Design-bid-build is historically the traditional method for completing construction, where the owner contracts separately with a design firm and a contractor to complete a construction project. We continue to complete projects in this manner, but also offer other choices for consideration such as Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk,and Job Ordering Contracting.


Design-Build is rapidly gaining acceptance by public owners as an efficient and effective means of project fulfillment. Its primary advantages over the traditional Design-Bid-Build method are substantial. By integrating construction expertise, the design-build process delivers significant cost reductions and timesavings, plus a superior-quality project.

Primarily, design-build integrates design, permitting and construction, often in ‘packages’ to capture time that is lost in the traditional environment. The design and construction professionals collaborate on a specific task, allowing construction to begin while another ‘package’ is being designed. The team can be either design-led or contractor-led, based on which entity has accepted contractual responsibility for both aspects.

Service backed by expertise is more important than ever when you consider utilizing a delivery method that may be new to you. With more than 20 years of design-build experience under our belt, we are a national leader in this unique area. This is an excellent choice to see “people doing the right thing” in action!
To learn more about this project delivery method, visit the Design-Build Institute of America’s website

Construction Manager at-Risk

In this method, also known as CMAR, CM@R and CM At-Risk, the owner contracts directly with a general contractor during the design phase, after a prequalification and selection process. The general contractor provides preconstruction services, such as planning, estimating, scheduling, constructability reviews and other services to the owner and architect. A guaranteed maximum price is negotiated, along with the schedule, near the completion of the design process. The general contractor then executes construction, securing subcontractors and project personnel to complete the project.

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting or JOC is a method of project delivery that includes a competitively bid and indefinite quantity contract between the owner and often multiple construction contractors. Filanc’s Repair and Maintenance Division utilizes this method for repairs, minor construction, renovation, and preventive maintenance of wastewater and water treatment systems. JOC helps to save the owner time and money, as well as improving quality control, on the various projects that are included in the contract time period.