Filanc served as the primary subcontractor to HDR Constructors, Inc. for the design-build construction of a 20 megawatt-equivalent anaerobic digester and renewable natural gas (RNG) project, located in Weld County near LaSalle, Colorado. The facility utilized a complete mix anaerobic digester system to produce up to 4,700 MMBtu of biogas daily making it one of the largest anaerobic digester facilities in the United States.

The anaerobic digestion system converts organic feedstock and dairy cow manure into raw biogas. The raw biogas is then processed into pipeline quality RNG. After being conditioned to pipeline grade, the RNG will be supplied to Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) through a 20-year Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA).┬áThe organic waste or feedstock include cow manure from local dairy operations and other organic wastes or “substrate” from the Denver metropolitan area, such as restaurant grease trap waste, spoiled products from retail grocers and food processing residuals. The waste conversion process will preclude the release of pollutants to the environment and will reduce the emission of significant amounts of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. The digester facility will produce three major outputs, including a renewable natural gas, organic compost amendment and liquid soil amendment products.

Filanc self-performed the concrete, yard piping, mechanical, and process equipment installation. Filanc safely performed high risk construction involving flammable natural gas, elevated hydrogen sulfide concentrations, high temperature steam and high pressure (4,000psi) piping. The project featured critical project milestones, overlapping phases to bring gas production on early to meet the business demands of the owner.