Project Details

  • Location:
    San Diego, CA
  • Delivery Method:
  • Design Engineer:
    HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Project Highlights:
    • Innovative, fast-track solutions
    • All projects completed on
    • Maintained facility operations
      during construction
    • Obtained all necessary permits
      required to complete the
  • Awards:
    • 2011 San Diego Chapter
      Associated General
      Contractors, Build San Diego
      Merit Award, Fluoridation
    • 2011 ASCE San Diego Section
      Award of Merit Water Supply,
      Fluoridation Facilities
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As Needed Design-Build
for Water and Wastewater

City of San Diego

Considering the team was operating in three different locations and with three different groups of City Operations staff, they organized effective lines of communication...In addition, to completing the job on schedule, we are pleased to state that the team’s creative solution in utilizing the existing facilities provided a savings to the City. We highly recommend the Filanc/HDR team for future projects.
Iraj Asgharzadeh, P.E. Senior Civil Engineer
City of San Diego Fluoridation Facilities

The City of San Diego Department of Public Works uses design-build as a key tool to meet its wide-ranging asset management responsibilities. Filanc was selected by the City to provide as-needed design-build services to repair and maintain its various water and wastewater infrastructure. This innovative contracting approach gives the City the flexibility to quickly and efficiently address its critical infrastructure repair and maintenance needs as indicated in the following example projects:


Dulzura Conduit Cover Repair
Constructed Value: $583,153

This design-build project was required to repair approximately 1,500 feet of water conveyance conduit. The concrete covers were designed and installed to protect the conduit from the falling rocks and silt from the surrounding steep slopes. The concrete covers were tailored to prevent gapping and guide water and silt to drain downhill. Locking access hatches were installed every 100 feet for the purpose of repair and maintenance of the conduit. This project was located in an environmentally sensitive area that contains endangered species for which protection measures were taken.


MBC Chemical Storage and Handling System
Constructed Value: $272,524

Filanc and HDR completed Phase I of San Diego’s Metropolitan Biosolids Center (MBC) contract for various piping and mechanical projects. This phase corrected the operational, maintenance, safety and process design problems being encountered by staff at the plant by improving MBC’s chemical feed systems and odor control facility. The work included replacing the outdated motorized valves and installing replacement manual valves with locking mechanisms; installing new piping to the chemical metering and transfer pumps, reconfiguring electrical and controls and installing four new metering pumps for the chemical feed system.


MBC Biosolids Screen and Blending Tank Improvements
Constructed Value: $725,856

This Phase II, design-build project modified the MBC digester feed system resulting in lower operational and maintenance costs for the City while minimizing potential overflow problems. Work included replacing existing thickened sludge (TSL) feed pumps with larger capacity pumps; bypassing the biosolids screens, blending tanks and digester feed pumps; and realigning the existing TSL piping to allow direct pumping from the TSL wetwell to the digesters. Work was conducted in an operational plant and involved numerous planned tie-ins and complex coordination with plant staff.


MBC Centrate Collection Upgrades
Constructed Value: $1.8 Million

This Phase III design-build project for the City of San Diego upgraded the centrate collection system by replacing the foul air ducting and the undersized centrate headers. Construction activities avoided interruption of the dewatering process, allowing all centrate flows to be diverted prior to upgrading the header. Following construction, Filanc performed final integration and cleaning of the completed system.


Fluoridation Facilities
Constructed Value: $2.6 Million

This Phase V design-build project upgraded the City of San Diego’s three water treatment plants with a complete fluoridation system that will address suboptimal levels of fluoride throughout the water distribution system. The work consisted of furnishing and installing the fluoridation bulk storage, day tank, system installation for yard piping, above grade piping, pumps, analyzers, flow meters, electrical work and instrumentation and controls.


North City Cogeneration
Constructed Value: $1.6 Million

This City of San Diego project includes design, permitting, and construction for the development of a new 1600 kw Landfill Gas (LFG) Power Generation Facility at the North City Water Reclamation Plant. Construction included pump installation, gas analyzer, concrete slabs, tank farm and associated process piping from landfill, site paving, mass grading, retaining walls, storm sewer, landscaping, sound attenuation, electrical installation and controls.