Padre Dam Eastern Service Area Secondary Connection Project

Padre Dam General Manager, Allen Carlisle and Project Engineer, Michael Hindle, visited the Eastern Service Area Secondary Connection Project that Filanc is contracted to construct.

Filanc Padre Dam Eastern Service ProjectThis project is the largest capital improvement project in Padre Dam history. Padre Dam has 30,000 residents that live in the Eastern Service Area that require uninterrupted water supply, which this project provides. As Padre Dam Project Engineer states, this project will provide redundant water supply that currently doesn’t exist. This is important especially during a natural disaster, such as a fire or earthquake. One sustainable feature of the project is the potable water reservoir; the actual wall of the reservoir is not tied to the floor slab. The wall is floating on pads so that in a seismic event the walls isolate at a different frequency than the floor slab, thus allowing an area for the energy to go and not damaging the structural integrity of the reservoir.

To hear Allen Carlisle, Michael Hindle and reporter, Matt Gilson speak more to the benefits and specifics of this water reliability improvement project, click here to watch a short video.

The general scope of work includes construction of a 12 million gallons per day (MGD) potable water pump station, 1.75 million gallon (MG) prestressed concrete reservoir, flow control facility, approximately 6,000 linear feet (LF) of 20-inch CML&C welded steel pipe, and a tunnel crossing Interstate 8. This project is anticipated to be complete this spring.

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