Filanc’s Lyons Wastewater Treatment Plant Makes the Paper!

Filanc’s Colorado project, Lyons Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, for the Town of Lyons, was featured in the Colorado Public Works Journal.

Filanc Lyons Wastewater Article

Filanc was teamed with FEI Engineers to design and construct upgrades to the Town of Lyons Wastewater Treatment Plant. Construction included an influent pump station, a 0.381 million gallons per day (MGD) sequential batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment facility, headworks screening equipment vortexing grit removal system, ultraviolet disinfection (UV), a new centrifuge for dewatering solids, odor control, and a new SCADA system.

Prior to completing this project, the Town of Lyons suffered a historic flood with more than 17 inches of rainfall within two days that destroyed much of the town, including damage to the wastewater treatment plant. Filanc was contracted under an emergency order by the Town’s Board of Trustees and the Towns insurance with the State to repair the plant and bring it back online.

The Colorado Public Works Journal featured the project’s Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate the completion of the wastewater treatment plant.